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Readings of Schiller with musical accompaniment

For example: his correspondence with his bride. 'My love is calm …' Schiller wrote to his fiancée Charlotte, who doubted his exclusive love for her; her married sister was much better able to charm herself into Schiller's affections.

The letters reflect the rather muddled relationships but are a rare document of Schiller's tender approach to women.

Dreamlike views and 'sparkling' vistas

This package includes a transfer and visit to the amazing panoramic viewing platform on the 28th floor of the JenTower. Guests are welcomed with a glass of Cavalier brut sekt or a soft drink.

Optional extras include coffee and cake served with Kahla porcelain and accompanied by coffee house music, or a bird's eye guided tour.

The world of hops and beer vats

Reinhard Lüneberg, a brewer and a passionate storyteller, guides you through the cellars at the Papiermühle pub brewery on this entertaining excursion into the world of hops and beer vats.

The tour will help to clarify the ins and outs of the German Beer Purity Law as well as giving insights into the confusingly simple (or simply confusing) technology used by modern breweries and distilleries. It then concludes with some beer tasting.